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Dubai based Marmari Jewelry goes to London

Imbibing an inherent positivity and freshness, Dubai-based fine jewelry label, Marmari jewelry will now be bringing their fresh, inventive designs to the city of London with their new platform and pop up inclusion, Curated Crowd and stockist, Kabiri.

Marmari Jewelry

Currently stocked in Dubai with the prominent jewelry store, Sauce Rocks and across the USA, with well-renowned stores such as Pendelton Jewelry in Kansas City, Sloan Hall and Market Highland Park in Texas.

Marmari Jewelry has been making their mark across the jewelry landscape. The brand will also be selling with the innovative marketplace, Curated Crowd, for their St Christopher’s Place pop up and their online

Curated Crowd is a Forbes-recognised retail marketplace. With their new stockist, Kabiri, the jewelry label will be showcasing a range of their pieces at the Marylebone-based specialist concept store.

About Marmari Jewelry

Designed and created by talented creative Nouran El-Marmari, Marmari jewelry combines fun and positivity to create colorful jewelry pieces which celebrate life’s special moments. Incorporating a combination of colored enamel, e-coating, and gemstones.

Marmari jewelry commemorates women and the positivity they bring to the world.

As emphasized by Marmari designer Nouran, “Jewelry is a powerful storyteller. I design pieces for women to express and celebrate themselves and mark their happy moments in life. This makes personal jewelry valuable literally and emotionally”.

Marmari jewelry has a range of collections imbibing this energy; from the one of a kind Geode designs “Light years away” to the magnetic ‘Attractions’.

Made with 18 Karat gold, natural gemstones and diamonds and adhering to ethical manufacturing practices. Marmari jewelry’s pieces are not only one-of-a-kind, but innovative and fresh in their design.

About Nouran El-Marmari:

Descending from Moroccan and Egyptian heritage, Marmari’s jewelry designer, Nouran El-Marmari draw inspiration from her passion for jewelry making and spreading positivity around her to create her designs.

Coming from a family of jewelry pioneers, Nouran’s grandfather was the owners of a jewelry workshop and jewelry showrooms in Egypt.

Nouran has combined her inherent understanding of jewelry making with the passion to create unparalleled designs.