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The Amanqi Lab – your step towards Clean Beauty!

Launched in 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland, The Amanqi Edit was set up as an online platform to help emerging brands and businesses develop to reach their maximum potential.

Working with over 150 contemporary luxury labels on editorial content (a line-up of over 700 features), organising 10 global pop ups and providing lead generation, The Amanqi Edit has always believed in curating the best talent and content for its contemporary audience.

Having emerged from the same ethos as The Amanqi Edit, The Amanqi Lab curates the finest selection of clean beauty products which use harmless ingredients and provide outstanding results.

All whilst maintaining a dedication to ingredient transparency.

Launching in December 2019, The Amanqi Lab’s digital platform is dedicated to curating the most effective, non-toxic and functional beauty products from trustworthy brands.

Simultaneously, The Amanqi Lab will branch out into the physical retail realm by creating seasonal, international pop ups and beauty wellness weeks. Across London, Dubai, Karachi and Geneva.

Hira from the editorial team at Cofounder had a small interview with Manal Waqi . ( She is the Founder at The Amanqi edit) regarding her upcoming project, The Amanqi Lab.

Read on to know more :

How did you get this idea?

Amani & I have also been very passionate about wellness, but we recently found ourselves being drawn to the idea of clean living especially clean beauty. It’s incredible¬†how regularly we apply products without understanding what ingredients go into making them.

How is Amanqi Lab different from the rest?

I think where we’re different is we’re not coming as a platform which bans certain ingredients or is condescending towards non-clean elements.

I think, much like our own personal journey.We understand that the move to being more clean and sustainable is gradual and we want our readers to be a part of that learning curve.

Middle East is quite a bit famous for its cosmetic products. Do you think you have some additional benefits because of that?

For sure – It’s amazing to see how excited and intrigued the audience has been. And their excitement and curiosity further fuels us in our mission.

Can you tell us what kind of products will be available at The Amanqi Lab?

We’re working with a range of exciting clean beauty brands, but amongst some names. We have our Bahraini skincare brand, Omni, which will be a part of our Beauty Wellness Week in Dubai in December.

The brand has an incredible line up of oils, cleansers and even crystal rollers. The founders of the brand are amazing, too.

Did you start it alone or have any Co-founder?

Team Amanqi is always my sister Amani and I. And I am privileged to have her support on this journey. I’d also really like to thank our team, Hira, Harsh, Tasfia & Eman for their continuous and kind support. It’s truly a collective project.

Manal Waqi and Amani Waqi

Created with the philosophy to find export products with a dedication to
transparency, Team Amanqi believes curated, expert clean beauty products are the future and the way to maintain healthy skin and lifestyle.

This digital platform and pop up concept, launching December 2019, will be creating an unparalleled beauty wellness experience.