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Zymx – A little step towards cleaner and healthier environment!

ZymX is the first ever enzyme based cleaning product in the middle east. It is non toxic and devoid of any chemicals.

They have all municipality regulations regarding the same. And the products are now available online on Amazon, noon and mumzworld.

Team speaks with the cofounder at Zymx , Rashma Zanhar to find out how this idea occurred and what difference it makes to the society.

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Tell us something about Zymx.

ZymX is the first ever enzyme based cleaning product in the middle east.

Our children are unfortunately exposed to many toxic chemicals most of which are from cleaning products. ZymX is a unique combination of enzymes and plant extracts which are not healthy but also contribute in increasing the immunity in children. 

How do you feel is Zymx different from the rest?

Zymx is Non toxic, bio degradable, pH neutral, non cohesive, non inflammable. And most importantly, the safest product for mankind and environment

Throw some light on the Founding team at Zymx.

Founder is Mr. Zanhar Zubair. The product was formulated by Mr Antony and I’m the marketing director, takes care of social media as well says Rashma Zanhar.

How did you get this idea?

 We (Zanhar Zubair and Rashma Zanhar) were quite disturbed to see our kids falling ill every now and then. We wanted to bring a change in our lifestyle in order to boost their immunity and that’s how we ended up with developing ZymX.

The product which has so many benefits on its own. Now both of us have quit our careers in order to educate people on the importance of eco-friendly products, which we are quite happy about 🙂

What are the challenges you faced while starting up?

The main challenge still is to change the mindset of people and make them realize the importance of going eco friendly. 

Other advantages of ZymX are:

  1. Non-Toxic, Non-irritant & 100% Chemical free, Eco friendly & Bio-Degradable
  2. Non-Flammable, Non-corrosive & Non-Hazardous
  3. Better Effectiveness in Cleaning, Degreasing & Odour control
  4. Total Hygiene product as Disinfects 99.9% of the germs
  5. Can Operate at all temperatures of human operations
  6. pH 7- Neutral.
  7. Longer shelf life
  8. Has a very versatile usage in all areas of cleaning applications-Residential, Commercial, Industrial etc.
  9. A very cost effective cleaning solution

Has the Dubai Startup ecosystem helped you?

Dubai start up ecosystem has not yet been of much help to us. 

What are your future plans like?

Future plan is to create awareness and generating a toxic free environment for the future generation.

Where are these products made? And who finalizes the formula (quantity of chemicals)?

The super concentrates are made in Chennai, the blending process is done in Dubai, which again makes it the first eco friendly product of the UAE.The formula is finalized by Mr Antony.

How did you find us? Any feedback for us?

We found you on Instagram and felt it was a perfect platform for us. Keep up the good job.