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The Story behing the design inspiration, Polly Pocket : MING RAY

Ming Ray’s dream of becoming a creator of beauty came at an age when she spent her days in China and Singapore surrounded by cute stuffed toys, elaborate hair ties and the infamous Polly Pocket.

Ming believed more is more; something that has stuck her and is reflected in her designs today with “Exquisite Disobedience” becoming the concept behind her luxury handbag label: “Ming Ray“.

From the age of five Ming loved wearing embellished hair clips and ties. Each morning was spent carefully adorning her hair with a vast collection.

Her favourite butterfly hair ties sparked daily joy and were worn with pride.

As Ming grew, Polly Pockets became the toy of choice for little girls the world over.

Ming would steal secret moments with friends; the girls gushing over their Polly Pockets and the treasures hidden inside.

“At that age, it was the epitome of perfection and finery, the details are so exquisite. By having such a focus on the minia- ture world you are temporarily transported into its magical realms”.

Ming Ray on her love for Polly Pocket

At the age of twelve years old a negative experience at school left it’s mark.

Ming was harshly put down in-front of her entire class for paying too much attention on how she looked.

Her teacher informed her “you are just a well decorated empty shell with no substance inside”.

This affected Ming for many years and she stopped wearing anything remotely decorative.

Any reference to butterflies and Polly Pockets were boxed up and shut away for years.

After a move to London in 2011, Ming graduated from London College of Fashion and honed her skills at the likes of Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo.

These great brands taught her the essentials of luxury craftsmanship. More importantly, Ming discov- ered something about herself: her passion for playfulness was still within.

With this in mind, Ming Ray was born in London in 2015. The use of elements such as butterflies and stars were incorpo- rated as were subtle references to her beloved childhood treas- ures.

Items Ming was shamed and forbidden for loving as a child became characteristics within her designs, symbols of freedom. 

Ming now makes luxury handbags with every signature of the finest Italian craftsmanship, and you will also find details that will bring you back to the girl you were as you make your mark in the world.

Her vision is that these two are not incompatible and “Exquisite Disobedience”, as her style is known.

Offers you all the refinement and elegance of luxury but with a touch of lighthearted play- fulness that every sophisticated woman still carries within her.

“What does a woman want when she already has everything and can afford anything? She comes to me for something fresh, bold and unique”. – Ming Ray