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This startup is all you need if you’re looking for a brand new car in the UAE.

Simply New Cars helps you find your next brand new car in the UAE.

Dubai-based motoring platform is founded by Adam Whitnall. He says Simply New Cars makes finding a car in the UAE Simple, effortless, and fun – how your car search should be.

Team Cofounder had a little chat with the Founder Adam Whitnall about Simply New Cars.

Continue reading to know what he had to say.

What is Simply New Cars all about? Can you explain briefly to our audience?

Simply New Cars is the friend that every person who wants a new car in the UAE can turn to. In order to successfully navigate their buying journey. 

We’ve developed an innovative discovery platform that saves people time and money by empowering them with the ability to define what matter most to them.

Be it colour, safety, comfort features, or technical information. And use those things to find the car that’s right for them.

We have also recently launched our new product – Simply Concierge – which is a full-service concierge experience that delivers all of the best parts of the car buying experience without any of the hassle.

Your dedicated concierge takes care of the entire buying process for you so all you need to do is sit back and relax. 

How did you get this idea? And who else is in your team? Throw some light on the Founding team at Simply New Cars

I came up with the idea for Simply New Cars after struggling to find a car that matched my needs. Unlike the used car market there was no resource available in the new car market that allowed me to find what I was searching for – a manual sports car within a certain budget. So I decided to create it. 

I work with a couple of developers who have built and support the site but other than that it’s just me for now.

I’m searching for a co-founder at the moment so if you’re reading this and think you may want to be part of the Simply New Cars journey then get in touch!

How has the response been so far?

Brilliant. We’re only 5 months old and already welcome 12,000 unique monthly users – most of who are new visitors, so word-of-mouth is spreading fast. We’re lucky to have the support of the industry and some key brands who really believe in the concept so there’s a lot of positivity!

We believe a great product needs a great business model, How does your business model work? 

As mentioned, we recently launched our Simply Concierge product to better support buyers throughout the entire journey. We expect this product to be hugely popular once the word spreads. 

In addition to Simply Concierge. We monetize the site through online advertising and are soon going to be able to utilize behavioral data. And site metrics to create a reporting product for the industry to strengthen our B2B revenue. 

We also plan on launching a range of complementary consumer products centered around an enhanced buying experience. To drive further B2C revenue and cement our position as the region’s best dedicated new car resource. 

What makes Simply New Cars different from the rest in UAE?

There’s nothing quite like Simply New Cars in the UAE. No other resource allows consumers to find their next new car based on what matters to them, other resources force consumers down the narrow decision and research funnels that stifle the discovery process.

We create a memorable experience for buyers and allow them an unparalleled ability to find and compare their next new car from the comfort of their phone. 

In addition, we offer the only new car buying service in the country, giving the average customer a level of assistance that was previously reserved only for the most wealthy.  

Any advice you wanna give to budding entrepreneurs?

Plan, research, and test. 

Plan and research your business idea thoroughly – what problem are you solving? How are you solving it? Is that the best way to solve it? Why are you the best person to solve it? Who will buy your product/service? Why will they buy it over the competition?

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself to prove that your idea is a good one. That you will be able to successfully monetize and scale it.

Once you’ve answered those questions test your idea with as many people as possible. And encourage them to give you honest feedback. 

Research what it takes to get funded from the beginning so that you can ensure you’re setting yourself up properly for when you reach that point. 

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Probably onto my next venture, or supporting other start-ups with their own ideas!

Your Social Media platforms have a lot of high-end luxury cars. How do you manage to get them to your clients? 

Yes, high-end cars do have a lot of visual appeal! The Simply New Cars platform allows people to discover the car that is right for them. Whether it’s luxury, sporty, or budget – the possibilities are almost endless in this country. So we encourage people to explore the options, you may be surprised at what fits your criteria. 

Our Simply Concierge product is hugely valuable for luxury buyers in particular as we deliver a seamless experience that combines the power of the Simply New Cars platform with an impeccable level of service.

Tell us something about yourself, what were you doing before Simply New Cars, and how it changed you?

I’ve been in the automotive industry all my life, from working in garages during school back in my native New Zealand, building cars myself, working in car insurance, then later automotive publishing in the UK and here in the UAE.

Immediately prior to starting Simply New Cars I worked on a large aerospace exhibition in the UAE where I expanded my skills in a different vertical before leaving to work on Simply New Cars full time. 

You have a section on your website called Car acronyms, it’s really interesting. How did you think of that? 

Our Learn to Speak Car section is definitely a crowd-pleaser! It came about the same way that Simply New Cars as a concept did. Through a desire to use my knowledge to help others.

The car buying process can be incredibly confusing and intimidating for some people. So our goal is to do everything we can to help people make sense of it in a simple, easy to understand way. 

Which one is your favorite car?

My all-time favourite is the Nissan GT-R but I tend to change cars every year as I just love experiencing different styles!