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This Coupons Website from the UAE will change your way of Online shopping!

Barakatalan is a Coupons Website, a Discount Shopping Website.

So what special you are going to find at Barakatalan– is the unlimited access to cheap online shopping. This is a coupons website where you can find anything, Be it your travel ticket or high-end perfume, you will find discounted deals and coupons for everything that you have wished for.

Team speaks to Himmi Bangia, Co-Founder – Barakatalan to know more about what makes it different from the others.

What is Barakatalan? And what does it mean?

Barakatalan is a Deals and Coupons website based out of Middle East. We list bargains and coupons from huge trending and driving e-commerce stores and companies over a run of categories like fashion, food, travel, sports, books and many more on our site.

Barakatalan is a combination of two Arabic words. Barakat+ Alan

Barakat means ‘growth/increment’. Alan means ‘now’.


Our aim is to bring “Barakat” in the purchasing power of our customers with an immediate effect so that they don’t have to wait for long periods to fulfill both their needs and wants on the same virtual shopping trip.

So instantaneous growth is what we strive to achieve for all users of our platform.

How did you start up? Share some of your biggest challenges you faced while setting up barakatalan.

Thinking back, I would state that fate and a huge amount of industrious work went far for me. I needed to take two or three detours from everyday life except I was certain that I was at this point to find my calling, something I’m really intended to do.

During the time spent centering my considerations, I got innovative and research regarding my ability for internet shopping on a budget.

Like any working woman on a spending limit, I had an exceptional talent when it came to the money-related organization which I felt was something various clients could relate to.


  • Two or three obstacles strike a chord like having the correct attribution model. We are not credited to every one of the deals brought by us and are not furnished with the correct verifications.
  • This test exists in every single resolved market and gets settled with time like in the US.
  • We additionally have a dream to move towards a customized deal’s stage. And for that, there is a need to teach customers and promoters, for which an inalienable venture of time and effort is required.
  • Additionally, human asset difficulties are constantly present with regards to the selection procedure, time, exertion, training and skill development. Getting the opportune individuals with the correct abilities is something to put resources into.
  • While partnering with sponsors or different accomplices, speedy endorsements from accomplice organizations depends on having an enormous devotee base and high traffic on the site.
  • However, as a start-up with low traffic in the underlying stages, steadiness is key for us. Appearing and effectively developing traffic reliably will, with time, guarantee the expected smooth working.

Himmi Bangia , Founder – Barakatalan

What is your business model like? How do you monetize?

Coupon sites like us fabricate traffic by positioning on top for all “coupon” keywords and adapt that traffic through subsidiary commissions from e-commerce players.

We are a coupons and deals aggregator – we rundown deals and coupons. From huge drifting and driving e-commerce stores. And organizations over a scope of classes like style, sustenance, travel, sports, books and a lot more on our site.

As per this we moreover advance these arrangements through different online marketing methods like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, Social media.

And different streams to drive deals for our accomplices and related organizations on which we win commissions on their deals.

Has the Startup ecosystem in the UAE helped you? If yes, how?

The UAE’s liberal taxation policies were one of the main factors which were a huge boost to our plan to increase our retained earnings.

With such policies and the higher market share for digital marketplaces being enhances, our growth rate catapulted exponentially. And we were able to invest and re-invest on better technology, human resources. And research into our continuously developing and adapting service. 

Another unique concept catching on in the area is the co-working spaces idea.

Our productivity and budgets have become extremely viable when we started saving on these resources.

With the fast emerging and developing the online market, The presence of e-commerce sites and platforms has become highly compelling and people are now looking forward to buying online in UAE and Saudi. 

You have some really nice luxury brands on your website. which one is your favourite and how do manage to get them on barakatalan? 

We have a couple of top of the line brands/e-commerce stores like farfetch, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Molton Brown. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore, we get them on our site and these stores help us with exclusive coupon codes, which we give to our customers to boost the sales of these brands.

we get them on our site and these stores help us with exclusive coupon codes. And which we give to our customers to boost the sales of these brands.

We tie-up with brands with the responsibility of giving them a certain number of sales.

Tell us something about your team. What is the most important thing you feel holds the company strong?

We are a little group of 7 employees, every one of them is anxious to learn, eager and love to try different things with new chances and alternatives.

I think this has helped us turned out to be one in number group. And has helped us develop at a noteworthy development pace of 70% month over month. is all about women empowerment, we always believe women can achieve anything they wish. What would you like to advice our budding women entrepreneur audience?

Be valiant and strong, mentally to transform your dreams into a reality. Don’t bind yourself, think high and plan for an impressive future and be quiet. Diligent work, Focused work and assurance can enable you to reach any place you need to in your life.

Quoting myself here, “Once you step out from the confines of your own preconceived notions and labels.You’ll encounter an entirely different version of yourself — one that can achieve anything!”

Keep calm and coupons On!

Where do you see Barakatalan 5 years from now? 

Subsequent to catching the Middle Eastern market, we mean to make a worldwide presence for the site in the following 5 years.

With the consideration of working ladies – shopping lovers like me – who are searching for incredible deals. And would require a convenient solution for their material cravings.

I will probably urge clients to shop however much they might want easily. And with all the price information they have to make it a productive endeavour.

One life-changing decision you made?

I think I should have started believing in myself and founded this coupons website Barakatalan , much earlier. But everything has a time, they say. So, I am thankful that today, although a little late, but I am doing what I love.

Once you step out from the confines of your own preconceived notions, you’ll encounter an entirely different version of yourself. One that can achieve anything.

How did you come across our website? And what attracted you the most? Any feedback for us? 🙂

What make an important contributor to society are the extremely relevant features like social impact. And the idea to provide readers.

With a detailed understanding of funding and very real challenges and advantages of startups and business management. is not just a site for puff-pieces but the right kind of looking glass for a truly educational experience.

Boosting budding entrepreneurs is commendable and this kind of support is much needed. This made me eager to share my story and connect with a community of entrepreneurs and your readers – Himmi Bangia CoFounder, Barakatalan