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The Showroom III POPUP in Geneva, by The Amanqi Edit

Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer ‘must-have’ pieces or immersing yourself into a world of artistic brilliance. The Showroom III, Popup in Geneva by The Amanqi Edit is your ‘go-to’ for the ultimate retail experience.

This August, The Amanqi Edit is taking 6 local GCC labels to Switzerland. For a popup in Geneva bringing together some incredible contemporary luxury designer labels under one roof at the inimitable Her Street.

The tenth in The Amanqi Edit’s pop up in Geneva is Showroom III. This retail experience has incorporated a beautifully curated selection of brands. Dubai based Marmari Jewellery, Instagram sensation uSfuur, jewelry extraordinaire Jwaher Jewels & local talent Zaid Farouki, The Letter & W by Whyte.

Taking place from the 15-20th August, The Showroom III by The Amanqi Edit stems out from the traditional realms of retail space, also serving as a platform to discover the GCC region’s best talent.

Founded by Manal, Amani & Tabinda Waqi, The Amanqi Edit PopUps are the digital platform’s venture into retail space. Bringing together both international and local brands in a finely curated shopping event.

Hira, Associate Editor at in a tête-à-tête with Manal Waqi :

Hira: Why did you choose Geneva?

Manal: Amani (Manal’s sister) & I grew up in Geneva, so it’s like home for us. Thus, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to merge my current home with my past home. For the perfect retail experience. I really wanted the people of Geneva to witness the amazing talent the GCC has to offer.

Hira: How many popups have you already had? What was the response like?

Manal: This will be our tenth pop up between London, Dubai & Geneva.

The fact that we have been able to do so many different pop-ups in various countries demonstrates that people are excited to see new talent.

Hira: What makes The Amanqi edit popup different from the rest? How do you curate it?

Manal: We curate new, emerging talent that works in sync together. Beyond that, we also make sure that the pop up is an experiential space.

Hira: Who is your target audience? 

Manal: We believe that anyone who is passionate about design, fashion or art is our target. We’re huge design enthusiasts as a team and want to bring forward talent and work that we believe is exciting.

Hira: Tell us something about SHOWROOM III. What can we find there? 

Manal : The Showroom III is curating 7 exciting 6CC brands and bringing them to Europe. We have 3 jewelry brands, 3 ready-to-wear labels, and one shoe label.

For everybody in Switzerland, this popup in Geneva is a great place to check out.