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MGactivewear, a new budding destination for all the gym lovers in UAE.

Fitness is something that attracts almost everyone these days. And where there is fitness, there is an increased demand for fitness wear too. Everybody wants perfect wear for the gym or for a walk.


This is where MGActiveWear steps. This is a right place for both fitness and fitness/ active wear. One of the firsts in UAE, they had a small coversation with Team Cofounder.

Read on below to know more about them :

Tell us something about your company

MGactivewear is an Elite Fitness e-commerce platform that houses Iconic and Innovative sportswear brands. Team MGactivewear is a group of dynamic individuals from the field of fashion with a passion for fitness. We aim to be the Best Online Sportswear Store for Athletes.

Can you tell our audience how this idea occurred to you?

Founder of and Ex-Googler, Mr Arif Khan realized that the sportswear market is hoarded by few top corporate brands and on the other hand cannibalized by low quality counterfeit market.

The lack of consumer choice and personal bad experiences are the problems which drove him to launch a Trustworthy Online Sportswear Store MGactivewear.

Team MGactivewear fills the Gap in the Fitness Wear Market by searching Iconic Fitness and Innovative brands with strong emotional connect with athletes from around the world and bring them together on our website.

Tell us something about your unique propositions, how is MG Active Wear different from the rest in UAE?

There is a shift in consumer buying behaviour. Consumers are now internet savvy and want to shop smaller brands with strong brands values to express their individuality at an affordable price point.

However, currently they cannot as majority of niche sportswear brands are not present within GCC. This is where MGactivewear steps in.

Team MGactivewear hunts down innovative brands that have energetic vision, awesome designs at great value and bring them on our website with stock in our UAE warehouse.

So consumers can buy these brands with door delivery at same or even lower price than Brands Retail Price with fast shipping, cash on delivery, local support and easy returns. 

Throw some light on the founding team. 

Mr. Mohammed Arif Khan is founder of MGactivewear. He is an Ex-Googler who Graduated in IT and eCommerce from the University of Wollongong, Dubai. Furthermore, he belongs to a business family rooted in Textile since 1978. 

Arif Khan , Founder MGActiveWear

Co-Founder, Mrs Zainab Khan (wife of Arif Khan). She is Architect by profession and now a housewife. Zainab possesses great communication and organization skills which are vital in startups.

You are a new startup , how challenging was it to setup the company?

With any start-up everything is hard in the beginning, there is no schedule or business plan on spreadsheet that works out and due to financial constraints the majority of the work has to be self-managed.

Our toughest point was to come up with product offerings and brands. It took effort, time and luck to connect with international sports brands and convince them to come on board.

We finally got Better Bodies from Sweden to connect with us then we boarded other niche brands in Yoga wear, Gym wear and Compression Wear. 

Website Development was a challenge for us as we wanted to stay away from the cookie-cutter CMS system, however, we had a tight budget which prevented to go custom-built.

Hence, we had to do own research, and training to work on an open-source platform to make it our own. We are happy with the result and are working to improve it as we go along. 

We had some good luck for incubation, as my family business had an existing business license in the UAE. Which helped us speed through all legal processes to integrate the payment system and connect with logistic partners in order to launch the website. 

You have a Whatsapp Chat support, does it mean you are available 24/7 to your customers?

Yes, we have live chat support via WhatsApp and we are accessible on Instagram chat as well. Currently, we are able to manage the messages instantly during normal hours.

As we grow we would be dedicating a special on-demand WhatsApp team for 24/7 service with chat order placement with payment link.

How was the journey so far? Any milestones achieved?

The journey so far has been challenging with opportunity to grow and learn. We are getting traction with sales coming from all major cities with in UAE such as Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

There is strong social media engagement with growth in followers, and collaborations with Dubai based fitness / Lifestyle Bloggers.

Furthermore, we are receiving interest from Niche LA-based brands who like MGactivewear concept and would like to stock products in UAE with us. 

We are receiving positive feedback from our customers and demand for larger collections to make future purchases. 

What is the bestselling product on your website?

There is a strong drive for men sportswear with strong sales in Men Tank Tops and T-shirts. 

You ship outside UAE too, any plan of expanding ?

Yes, we have fast international shipping with delivery within 4 business days. We are looking to target GCC market strongly with plan to set up local warehouses in Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.  

How did you find us and any feedback you want to give us?

I found while researching on startup community in UAE on Google. I found it to be a great resource to learn, grow, and network. We look forward to engaging more with and hope to build a positive relationship. 

We at Cofounder hope the same 🙂

Check out their Insta feed here : .