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Nats&Jun, UAE ‘s first-ever Designer Maternity Breastfeeding label.

With her personal experience keeping in mind that women get hot flushes when they are pregnant and when they breastfeed. Natasha, a newbie mom decided to solve the issue. And that’s how N&J maternity breastfeeding label in UAE was born.

N&J is UAE ‘s 1st designer maternity breastfeeding fashion label says Natasha , Founder of N&J.

We at always believe in women empowerment. And when such uber cool story came across us, we were more than happy to interview the bosslady behind N&J, Natasha Bajaj.

Nats & Jun

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What is Nats&Jun, can you briefly explain it to our audience?

In this day and age everything is becoming “instant”. Whether its life in general or even “milk” for a newborn. The “connection is somewhere getting missed – with humans and with a new mom and a baby.

N&J is all about rebuilding  the connections. Whether it’s mothers own connection with herself. Or with her child through breastfeeding.

N&J is the first designer fashionable maternity cum breastfeeding fashion label for Mothers. 

Where clothes don’t stick to your body and help you during your pregnancy while you breastfeed and after. It is nursing on the go without carrying extra cover.

How did this idea occur to you?

I was new to Dubai and dint quite understand the trend of 45 days of maternity leave. I got through a very well-known company as a senior marketing person and realised just 2 days before getting my offer letter that I was expecting.

Thrilled to hear the news I shared it with the HR to my dismay the offer letter never came across. I was not only shocked but taken aback on how women are treated when they get pregnant at a corporate organization.

And the leave they are entitled to or how they are questioned when they take a maternity break for longer.

All this made me meet some women who were struggling with lack of confidence and wouldn’t step out coz

1) They dint have anything that fit them post pregnancy

2) They had to breastfeed the little ones

3) They would get hassled

4) They hated their bodies.

This all led to “ post natal depression” and that’s when I decided I need to design something to empower mothers – clothes which they love , and feel good about and also allow them to feed their little one without getting hassled or feeling uncomfortable 

Natasha , Founder N&J

What you are doing Natasha is totally inspiring, did you have any roadblock while setting up your company?

Loads hahahah,.loadssss 

My website dint get approve for a very long time as I was given a rejection email stating “nudity “ as I used “ breastfeeding word “ a lot. 

Companies dint understand my passion for emphasizing breastfeeding in public and giving mothers “ nursing breaks” or hospitals making sure a new mom is educated enough on breastfeeding and given importance to. Or companies adding a separate section on JUST breastfeeding.

N&J was started to overcome this issue. It is the first to launch the breastfeeding label in the UAE. 

How has the response been so far?

Its been good ☺ 

It feels good when someone walks up to you and says : we love what you do and we love your collection “We have been nominated and recognised in 2 prestigious award ceremonies and we are thrilled 

You run an e-commerce business, what are the pros and cons of it?

I feel more of an admin person then a designer hahaha , when you run a business you have to take care of everything from a-z 

The pros are if you know ur customer well and give them quick results with excellent customer care – they would stay with you longer and recommend you as well . To the contrary if you don’t kwn what your customer wants things can go upside down 

According to you, your best piece till date?

It’s still not there yet 😛 but I love all my pieces, a mother can’t distinguish among her children (we can understand 😀)

How did you find us and any feedback you want to give us? 

I am always on a lookout for brands which are new and what special they are doing. Your online platform is great it entitles small business owners to speak their real stories and be region-specific.

I would say you should start doing “ web episodes” a day in a life of an entrepreneur . (Sounds interesting 😉)

Do you sit and work on every product you sell? Or you have a team for that?

I work on every product. I do have a very small team but I need to know from the design to the material to the finish and packaging.

Has the Startup ecosystem in the middle east helped you?

For sure , it’s a great place for people to start their own business. There are enough and more communities who encourage you and support you in loads of ways. 

Any advice you want to give to all the mothers out there, who feel shy even to talk about breastfeeding?

Never be afraid to breastfeed in public, if people don’t see it it will never be NORMALIZED. Breastfeeding is a mothers gift to herself, her baby and mother nature.

Breastfeeding is your superpower don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – Natasha , Founder N&J.