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This is your final destination to rent a car in the UAE – FinalRentals

FinalRentals is a car rental comparison and booking platform based out of Dubai.

It is the only platform in the GCC that helps you compare “monthly car rental deals” from more than 20,000 cars at a time from 11 top suppliers.


They bring best monthly deals to their users with 100% clear terms and condition guarantee with no surprises at the counter.

All the prices that you see on the platform are real time connected using Finalrentals connect API with the suppliers. And they make sure that the prices are cheapest possible.

Team Cofounder had a little conversation with the Team at FinalRentals. How it started and how it is different from others.

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Tell us something about Finalrentals.

Finalrentals is the largest car rental platform in the UAE. After working very hard for almost 12 years for companies like Budget, Thrifty, Dollar and Autorent. The founder decided that he wants to disrupt the car rental industry and that’s how Finalrentals was formed.

The journey has been amazing. We have won the Gulf Capital MEED Award in the category of Digital Business of the year 2018 and are also nominated as top 5 disruptors in the UAE by SME 10X SME Advisor Magazine. But as Ammar says … guys .. take it easy .. this is just the beginning.

What makes Finalrentals different from all the other portals?

Globally all the car rental portals are short term centric and mostly focus on-airport locations. Finalrentals is the only platform in the world that has a multitude of services.

Short term rentals from more than 400 locations in the UAE. Free delivery on all long term and monthly rentals and also worldwide car rentals from our global platform. It truly makes us the one of a kind platform in the UAE.

Tell us something more about the services you offer.

We offer short term rentals, long terms rentals and offer to collect the car from more than 400 locations in the UAE plus free delivery on all long term and monthly rentals.

Who is the founding team at Finalrentals?

Finalrentals is founded by Ammar Akhtar who is the car rental industry veteran and is the brain behind online booking systems of Thrifty, Dollar, Budget and Payless and many other car rental websites in the UAE.

While he was working for all the traditional car rental companies he realized there is a huge opportunity to disrupt the car rental industry by truly digitizing it and that’s how Finalrentals was born.

Ammar Akhtar , Founder CEO ,FinalRentals

What was the biggest challenge while starting up?

The biggest challenge that startups are facing today is access to capital and also how to market their products. For us it was also the same however Finalrentals is truly bootstrapped as we are self-sustainable but marketing still is a huge challenge. 

How do you choose your drivers? Any procedure you follow?

We do not have drivers as we offer cars for self driving. I think you are asking how do we choose our suppliers. We have a very rigid criteria in choosing our suppliers.

They must have 800 rentable cars (minimum) and 3 locations (minimum) anywhere in the UAE to be eligible to be listed on Finalrentals.

A good startup has a great Business Model. What does your model look like?

We have a very clean and clear business model. We do not charge any listing fee but we charge a commission on every booking / transaction that happens on Finalrentals.

Throw some light on the team at Finalrentals. And how important do you think is a good team to make a great company?

A startup is nothing without a great team and great work culture. In Finalrentals we work so hard to create a great workplace where people are excited to come, work and prosper.

Finalrentals is a young team of 4 where we have our CEO (the oldest lolzzzz :D) 35 and other colleagues are tops 25. Mohammed who is our engineering brain with Tanisha our Digital Wizz and Limshad our Backend Force. Gelled well and doing well as a team we are always on the lookout to add more awesome to our team.

How did you find us? Any feedback you want to give?

While searching for the blogs, the angels and the supporters who we can share some love, some thoughts and some laughs and that’s how we found

well the only feedback we wanna give is ….. don’t stop .. keep rocking (we promise, we won’t :D)