DECOBATE – Handmade Home Decor, from Egypt.

Home Decor is that one thing which one never gets enough with. And when it’s handmade, its a definite YES! then.

We at Cofounder had an opportunity to talk to one such brand Decobate. It’s a completely handmade home decor experience.

Based in Egypt, DECOBATE’s collection of home decor and accessories certainly has an Egyptian influence.

But also takes inspiration internationally. All items available on DECOBATE are handcrafted by skilled artisans combining superior craftsmanship with unique taste.

With its diverse collection, excellent customer service and an easy to use, secure interface.
DECOBATE is the ultimate destination for customers looking to give their home a makeover.

Continue reading to know more about Decobate:

Throw some light on Decobate. What does it mean?

DECOBATE is the new artisan online store dedicated to premium home decor and home accessories that are proudly handmade by gifted Egyptian artisans

The inspiration behind DECOBATE’s brand name came from the fact that whatever you’re looking for, DECOBATE has something for you to DECOrate your BATE (Arabic for home). 

DECOBATE’s online store is all about showcasing the immense talent in Egypt to the world, shipping products to 50 countries globally

When was Decobate founded? And who all are in the founding team at Decobate? was founded in September 2018, and the website was launched in February 2019. DECOBATE’s founders are Ahmed and Fatma El-Gholmy, who come from an extensive background in retail marketing in the electronics sector.

And later their individual careers developed into the domain of e-commerce and digital marketing. The founders’ diverse expertise in representing global brands. And marketing them to international audience led to the birth of the idea behind 

The Founding team of DECOBATE : Fatma and Ahmed El-Gholmy.

Your products are very colorful and quirky. How did this idea come to you?

We wanted our product range to stand out, in a tasteful way. We wanted to merge Western taste with Eastern influence. That’s what we always had in mind when choosing our products.

Based in Egypt, DECOBATE‘s collection of home accessories is diversely inspired by many styles from around the World. And is equally-influenced by the intricate craftsmanship of Egyptian artisans.

Are these hand- made in Egypt?

All items available at are handmade in Egypt; crafted by a growing number of talented artisans. Each and every item in the online store is carefully handpicked by DECOBATE’s team. Who are always on the lookout for the best, most skilled and talented designers of home accessories and home décor. 

How is the response to Decobate in UAE so far? 

The UAE is one of the most promising markets for us. As so far it comes in as the third country in terms of traffic, and the second country in terms of sales.

What makes Decobate different from the rest? 

DECOBATE’s diverse premium handmade collection and committed customer service. Together with the convenience of online shopping. It makes it easier for customers than ever before to do a facelift for their homes. From the comfort of their homes.

Most of the market players in the same sector rely on Facebook and Instagram pages to sell their products. DECOBATE is a full-fledged online store with all the convenience of online shopping, plus the added security that comes from purchasing from a standalone website. 

How do you plan on expanding your company?

DECOBATE’s current product range includes dinner plates, dinner bowls, mugs, coffee cups, decorative plates, tablecloths, vases, cushions & pillows, and more. 

We plan into venturing into new product categories of handmade items. Our customers are bound to see some surprises.

Which product is hot-selling on Decobate? 

It’s a tie between dinnerware and drinkware. They are the two highest-selling categories. 

You have a blog section on your website, how did this idea occur to you?

We wanted DECOBATE to be a one-stop destination for everything that has to do with handmade home decor and accessories.

And we thought of adding a blog section featuring news, decor tips, and much more. To keep things dynamic and interesting for visitors, even those who just want to browse around.

For everyone who loves hand made home decor , this is your one stop. You definitely need to check out Decobate. They are pretty active on Social Media and their Instagram account is filled with beautiful and colorful home decor pieces.

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