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Nuage, a contemporary luxury label from Dubai.

Introducing NUAGE

Specialized in creating unparalleled ready-to-wear pieces, Nuage, derived from the French term for clouds, is a Dubai-based brand dedicated to bringing together craftsmanship. Bespoke services and
an immaculate finish into its garments.

Specializing particularly in outerwear pieces, the brand reinvents traditional pieces for versatile use;

creating ladies cloaks which can be worn on an everyday basis, for work or for a special occasion as a statement wardrobe staple.

Focusing on high-quality material, unconventional stitching techniques
and contemporary silhouettes, the brand reinvents the traditional for a more contemporary outreach.

The brand’s signature structure and fluidity has been channeled in their latest SS20 collection which amalgamates international trends with a cultural sensibility to create pieces that branch out of the traditional realms of fashion.

Available in Dubai via appointment or on order, the collection is
releasing January 2020.

About the Designer

Established in 2018, by design talent Moza Almannaei. Nuage is a Dubai-based fashion brand dedicated to creating garments of immaculate craftsmanship.

Searching for a brand that would offer quality, delivery speed and uniqueness together. Moza found herself failing to come across a brand
that could provide her with what she was looking for.

As a result, she decided to channel her desires as a consumer into a brand which put the customer at the forefront of its ecosystem.

With a background in business, the talented designer was able to channel her creativity and skills into creating a contemporary fashion brand.