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Dubai-Based brand THE LETTER Goes to London Fashion Week

Designed by creative talent Mohammed Rabi, THE LETTER brand has been at the forefront of redefining streetwear in the region. And is now taking its reach to international expansion.

The Letter brand, a luxury, ready-to-wear label which recently showcased their first capsule collection at London Fashion Week.

Established in Dubai in 2017, The Letter brand , showcased their collection ‘Capsule I’ at London Fashion Week this September.

Drawing inspiration from designer Mohammed Rabi’s personal experiences and paying homage to prominent pop-culture symbols. ‘Capsule I’ was exclusively launched with a presentation at Lone Design Club’s showroom space in London.

Since its founding in 2017, Dubai-based The Letter brand has experimented with textures, materials and techniques with the goal of creating perfect outwear. Their first capsule collection, ‘Capsule 1’, incorporates cotton and linen into a wardrobe that complements their signature leather jackets.

With pieces including a staple black t-shirt, statement jumpsuits and unique accessories, the collection expands The Letter‘s offerings while maintaining the brand’s dedication to luxury and effortless cool.

As with every collection from The Letter, ‘Capsule 1’ celebrates the customer with a contemporary aesthetic, an affectionate nostalgia for film – and a taste for luxury. 

Created using an earthy colour palette. ‘Capsule I’ takes its inspiration from the sand dunes of the Middle East and the Redwoods of California. The natural colour scheme is further accentuated by film symbols; particularly using Asian cinema at the core of its designs.

capsule I collection

The martial art weaponry, which pays homage to the Asian film scene, is incorporated through a line up of Hawaiian shirts. 

Keeping true to the brand’s ethos and aesthetic, the presentation imbibed a similar vibe and also paid homage to Mohammed’s love for cinema and art. 

About The Letter:

Mohammed Rabi is a graduate from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Rabi majored in Art Education and minored in Sculpting and managed to take classes in almost every artistic medium.

Rabi was passionate about fashion since a very young age. He decided to incorporate subtle elements from different artistic eras into his designs.

Incorporated hand-painted emblems in the form of signature flame & palm tree symbols. Rabi’s line-up of high-end leather & suede jackets resonate with the contemporary style connoisseur.