Introducing The ” Lana Al Kamal ” Jewelry Collection

The eponymous, contemporary jewelry label, Lana Al Kamal Jewelry, is synonymous with intricate detailing, exquisite pieces, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Based in Dubai, this jewelry brand creates unique, one-of-a-kind pieces which serve as a treasured memento for its owner.

In a short time since it has launched, the brand has released three capsule collections, ‘Butterflies of Hope‘, ‘Leaves of Joy‘ and ‘Kheffah‘ collection.

Each of which are different from one another yet imbibe the brand’s understated elegance and innate femininity.

The recently introduced ‘Kheffah‘, which means lightness, is represented by a bee emblem.

Having always appreciated the graceful movement and due diligence of the bee, Lana translated her inspiration into strong hive structural details and a glamorous color palette within the jewelry design.

This strong design is also meant to celebrate the strong women who surround Lana and who she wants to celebrate for following their passions and achieving their dreams.

Thus, the ‘Kheffah‘ woman is one who is full of vibrance and embraces life.

Made with 18K yellow gold, high quality diamonds and the Malachite gemstone, the ‘Kheffah‘ collection is available to purchase in stores and online.

About the Designer:

Believing in the saying, “Let your eyes only see beauty”, Syrian architect Lana Al Kamal established her eponymous jewelry label in 2017. Combining simple silhouettes with innovative designs and immaculate craftsmanship, each of Lana’s pieces are conceived in a hand sketch and brought to life in 18K gold masterpieces at one of the region’s finest gold factories.