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Seez – AI Powered Buying & Selling of cars!

AI is getting everywhere! Buying/Selling a car? Check out how Seez is putting AI to work!

Buying and selling used cars is becoming a crowded space in UAE with a lot of startups, but what makes Seez distinct and extraordinary is their vision to revolutionize and rebuild the car search and buying process by bringing automation into it.


How did the idea of Seez come to your mind?

So I’m not the founder but our founder Tarek Kabrit have told me many times.

He was once walking down a road and saw a car that he really liked, he wanted to connect with the owner and buy his car. While he was peeking into the car, the owner came by and they chatted with him, [and it] turned out the car was actually for sale. This got him thinking about a technology that could help enable transactions of a similar nature.

Cars are usually the second most expensive things people buy, and to have such inefficiencies in the process doesn’t make sense!

Take a pic, connect with the owner!

This proved a massive challenge and we pivoted many times since then and we’re now car aggregators with a focus on market visibility.

As such our original concept was shazam for cars.

Give us an overview of your app? What all features do you offer?

Price check – Using AI, we estimate the price of a car.
Price depreciation – Similarly, price the car in the future. Can be used to estimate one’s loss before buying a car.
Search – Search all the cars in the market, used, new lease.
Hot deals – 100 cars we have identified as good deals, this section is extremely popular, updates daily.
Snap a pic – Snap a picture of a car, we tell u which one it is and how much it costs.
Negotiates cars – We have a chat negotiation bot that negotiates cars down for users for free.

Seez works very well  😉  It’s pretty simple- search, find, message!

Give us an insight on how to choose the right Tech vendor?

Finding the tech is a real hard problem these days. There are many considerations to take. For example going with a google product can be quite risky as they tend to leave their stuff behind quite often.

Go with stuff that works, is proven and stable.

We try to use open software as much as possible as there is so much good stuff out there which you can change yourself if need be.

List us 5 ways AI is helping or transforming ‘Seez’ app?

  • Pricing cars
  • Identifying cars
  • Negotiate car price down
  • Recommendations for users (upcoming feature)
  • Collecting data off of website

Seez aims to use technology (image recognition, AI, and chatbots) to fully transform the car search process. “We want to fully automate the car search/buying process so that buyers can find the best car they want, contact all sellers, and negotiate the price all with one click.”


What makes this time so perfect for your start-up to kick off?

Right! Timing is everything in startups.

The market is ripe and disconnected.

It is expensive to sell your car, and it is extremely time consuming to find one, above all, what does it cost? I believe we solve all those problems very well.

How do you define “Seez’s” work culture?

We’re remote company first and foremost. Trust comes first when you’re remote company. I cannot see what the tech team is doing, but I trust them so solve their job as my boss trusts me.

All communication goes over our chat client called slack, as we’re spread across 5 countries.

We try to push for calling and video chats to help build a better bond among the team members as well as remove any ambiguity involved around text messages.

I think we all just share a great desire to build something great. Lastly, we’re first and foremost a high level tech company, which apparently is quite rare in dubai.

Was funding a problem for your app?

Funding is always a problem, we’ve had some rough periods, but our CEO has been excellent at finding funding through the right channels for us.

“We will be pushing hard on AI and chatbots in our app,” Kabrit said. “The funding will go towards enhancing those capabilities by expanding the team in Beirut and Dubai, in addition to develop our marketing scheme.”


With all the buzz around AI, what is your advice to newbie’s who desire to enter the same Industry?

  • Make sure you’re passionate about it
  • Get talent outside the country
  • Hire people smarter than you
  • Build a great product, at least 10x better than what’s out there!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Mobility will change massively the next decade. Like everyone else, we will be competing in mobility as a service. People wanting to go from a -> b, what’s the fastest or cheapest or best way for me?

Scooters, bike, autonomous car, walking, flying. Anything!

With over 300 million people and very favorable young demographics and exceptional mobile penetration, there is no reason why the region can’t be a very sizable and lucrative market for most startups.


Intrigued? Download Seez right away and give it a spin!

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