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AQUIS launches into SEPHORA Middle East

AQUIS, The Award-Winning, Innovative Hair Towel & Turban Brand designed to reduce drying time and keep frizz at bay, is launching into SEPHORA MIDDLE EAST.

Available in February 2020 in select Sephora Doors and etail and

The revolutionary hair towels and turbans will be available to buy in two colorways ; Desert Rose and white.

Wet hair is weak hair. Hair loses up to 56% of its strength when wet,due to keratin proteins absorbing all the water.

Causing hair to stretch and swell, making it vulnerable to breakage, split ends, and color fade.

That only compounds with color-treated and heat-styled hair.

AQUIS Rapid Dry Hair Turbans get water out fast,through the signature AQUITEX fabric which instantly wicks water away from hair to prevent water damage.

It dries hair 50% faster and more gently for less stresson hair, smoothing frizz, and reducing split ends, tangling, and breakage.

AQUIS Founder BRITTA COX explains, “AQUIS is the better way to dry your hair post-shower, to support hair health and its intrinsic strength.

Britta Cox says she created the AQUITEX fabric that not only dries your hair in half the time of normal towels.

But also protects the natural integrity of your hair, strengthening it from the inside out, core to the cuticle.

I am thrilled to see AQUIS expand with the leading global beauty retailer SEPHORA. It’s an exciting time for the AQUIS brand to be entering the middle east.”

AQUIS Rapid Dry Hair Turbans are super lightweight and wrap around hair. Allowing for hands-free drying, making life easier and hair healthier, one shower at a time.

Because how you dry your hair matters.